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Spry University is the nation's first university dedicated to comprehensive aesthetic education. Medical aesthetics is not a trade, it's a career.


Spry University really gave me the confidence that I needed to pursue an aesthetics career.

Registered Nurse

How to Apply

Spry University has an easy No-SAT & No-Essay application process. Simply complete our convenient and mobile-friendly application. 

Starting on your new career path doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve made enrolling easy. Check out our 5-step process for applying to Spry University.  When you’re ready, click the button below to get started. 


                           NO ESSAYS       NO ADMISSIONS TESTS    CAREER MENTORSHIP



Complete Application Form

Our online application can be completed from any device and takes just 10 minutes.


Confirm Application Submission

Once you have submitted your application, Spry will send confirmation of receipt by email or phone within 48 hours


Application Review

We will review your application to confirm you meet our admission requirements, and we'll will notify you of any application deficiencies before inviting you to proceed with next steps.


Advisor Connect

A member of the Academic Team will contact you for a quick chat. The purpose of the connection is to get to know you better, hear about your future plans, and make recommendations for a path that fits your unique goals.


Course Enrollment & Tuition Payment

Our Academic Team will ensure that you'll enrolled in your desired courses. We'll then issue an invoice for the balance of your tuition fees, due prior to the commencement date. Any scholarships or financial aid that has been awarded will be applied automatically to your balance.

Cosmetic Laser Technician:

Medical Certificates (Injectables+):


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